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Your fast, reliable AI lawyer for all your rental problems.

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Hurai is your ally

At Hurai, our motivation is crystal clear: we want every tenant to have the tools to understand their own legal position and thus stand up for themselves. Fast, cheap and reliable.

A conflict with your landlord? Deposit not returned? Unexpected bills or threat of eviction? Hurai is your ally in the rental jungle. We are the helping hand you need, accessible to everyone, at any time. No slogging through lengthy blogs on Google to have to translate it to your situation, no expensive lawyer's fees, but tailor-made solutions, 24/7.

  • How exactly does Hurai work?
    After asking a question, Hurai searches its own private legal database. This database contains Dutch tenancy law (Title 4, Book 7 of the Civil Code) and some other relevant laws and decisions. It then analyzes the uploaded documents to see whether they contain relevant provisions. Finally, it bases its answer on all information provided.
  • Does Hurai use ChatGPT?
    Hurai uses a protected version of ChatGPT offered by Microsoft, running on private Microsoft servers in the European Union. As a result, OpenAI does not see any of the data sent. All data traffic is encrypted and no call or document data is stored for training purposes. Hurai aims to train its own language model and move away from external providers.
  • Does Hurai store data?
    Hurai does not store any call or document data and this data remains on your computer as long as the session is active. When you close your tab, all information is deleted. We do offer the option to download your conversation in a PDF file.
  • Does Hurai use data to train models?
    No, Hurai does not use your data to train models. This is also not possible, as we do not store your data.
  • Can Hurai hallucinate?
    Our database consists exclusively of legal sources from Dutch tenancy law and the system is limited to this information when answering questions - in addition to any uploaded documents. This keeps the chance of hallucinating to a minimum. Our system can properly determine whether it has relevant information in the database or not. During testing we have not yet encountered that Hurai is hallucinating, but we emphasize that you are and remain responsible for your own rights and obligations.


Gunes van Dijk

Günes van Dijk

Co-Founder / CEO

Former lawyer in rental law, master's degree in tax law and master's degree in Dutch law at the VU.

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Wout K

Wout Konings

Co-Founder / CTO

Software Developer, master's degree in Econometrics and double bachelor's degree in Econometrics & Economics at Erasmus University.

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Why we started Hurai

Unfortunately, we see messages almost every day about how difficult renting is for tenants. No refund of the deposit, more arguments with the landlord about the service costs, wood rot, mold in the bathroom. Despite all initiatives to help tenants, such as price ceilings, the points system and a reporting point for landlord misconduct, the tenant remains the weaker, dependent party. And that started to gnaw at us. We did not want to continue to watch as the tenant repeatedly fell victim to the rogue landlords and the slow agencies providing assistance.


We wondered: how can the tenant stand up for himself without being dependent on other parties? And then we came up with Hurai: the AI lawyer trained in Dutch rental law.


This way you can know what your legal position is from your drafty, leaky apartment and then send your landlord, your neighbors, the municipality or anyone else a legally substantiated letter. No expensive lawyers, no living in uncertainty for weeks or months, but immediate answers to all rental questions. It seems like a utopia, but we are trying to make it reality. The rental world turned upside down!

Hurai: The rental world turned upside down

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